The Element Games - Testimonials

  • "Between the physical/mental challenges, the strategic gameplay, the insanely fun party, the beautiful scenery and the sweet activities along the way it was really the #ultimateweekend. I highly recommend everyone checks it out for next year." – Jazzmyn B.

  • "This is a challenge unlike any race, mud run, or game you've ever played." – Brad R.

  • "Although I didn't win the money, I definitely won in other ways. I got to push myself physically and mentally, I got to meet a number of amazing people who I am happy to now call friends, and I got the chance to participate in one of the coolest events around." – Rachel M.

  • "Great great weekend...recommend it to anyone looking for a full weekend of fun, laughs, meeting awesome peeps, great food, and competitions/obstacles up the ying yang..." -Ryan B.

  • "It's amazing what you find out about yourself if you push yourself to do something out of the ordinary. Not only was it a great social experiment/experience but it was also a way to learn a lot more about myself that I didn't know about because I had never been put in those situations before." – Vatche A.

  • "I had a fantastic weekend. It was easily one of the best experiences of my life. I had a great time and am telling all my friends about how awesome of a time it was." – Mitchell B.

  • "It was an amazing 3 days with the challenges, food, events, and facilities." – Rajiv R.

  • "Really enjoyed this past weekend participating in one of the most unique events I have ever been a part of. From the beautiful site and the available amenities to the great people and the new relationships built. The Element Games was a great test of mental and physical ability." – Michael C.

  • "It was an action packed weekend regardless of the outcome. So much happened...I'd do it again in a heartbeat." – Matt F.