The Element Games - Competition Rules

Squads (aka Tribes)
  • Upon registration, people will have the opportunity to register as an individual, a pair, or as a Squad of 6. Other quantities (i.e. 3, 4, 5) can sign up together but must stipulate during registration how to be split up (i.e. put person ‘X’ and ‘Y’ together as a pair, and put person ‘Z’ in a Squad with other individuals).
  • Saturday:
    • Each individual will be placed into a Squad with other individuals to make a full Squad of 6.
    • Each pair will be placed into a Squad with two other pairs to form a full Squad of 6.
    • 6 people who pre-register together will form a full Squad of 6.
  • Sunday:
    • The number of people in each Squad will be determined based on the number of original participants and the number of Saturday winners.
  • Saturday:
    • Each Group will consist of three Squads of 6 for a total of 18 people in the Group.
    • Squads will be matched in a Group against two other squads of the same style:
      • Squads consisting of individuals will be in the same Group as other Squads comprised of individuals.
      • Squads consisting of pairs will be matched in the same Group against other Squads comprised of pairs.
      • Pre-registering Squads of 6 will be matched up in the same group against other pre-registering Squads of 6.
    • The system of consistent Squad styles within a group will ensure fairness and that no Squad has more or less of an advantage due to familiarity.
    • A pre-registering full Squad of 6 will have the opportunity to request to be matched up against two other specific full Squads of 6 should the Squad in question happen to know of two other Squads that are registered/registering.
    • Moreover, if the members of all three Squads are choosing to live in a cabin, the Squads can request to live in the same cabin. Such requests must be stated by at least one member from each Squad during the registration process. If not, any request must be sent by email as soon as possible following registration to ensure that it can be granted.
    • The first portion of the competition will conclude once one winner from each Group has been determined (explained further in various sections below).
  • Sunday:
    • Since only one winner will emerge from each Group on Saturday and move onto Sunday (in addition to a small number of people who will re-enter due to redemption challenges as explained further below), it will not really matter whether a person began the Element Games knowing multiple people or no one at all. After Saturday, a person's original Group style will be irrelevant.
    • The number of Groups needed during Sunday of the Element Games will be determined based on the number of original participants
    • By the end of Sunday, the competition will be narrowed to one Final Group from which the overall grand prize winner will be determined.
  • The format presented above will be utilized unless extenuating circumstances present themselves.
Personal Belongings
  • A packing list will be sent out prior to the event with suggested items for each participant to bring.
  • Participants will be encouraged to bring items including bedding (sleeping bag or a fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter combo for a single bed), a pillow, clothing, hygiene products, a towel, hat, sunscreen, and shelter materials (e.g. a tent) if applicable.
  • Any items that are required for medical reasons should be brought (e.g. medications, prescription eyeglasses, Epipen, insulin injector,).
  • Certain items will not be permitted on-site (e.g. illegal substances) and in the competition specifically (e.g. tools). A more detailed list will be available online and distributed prior to the event.
  • All participants and their belongings will be subject to search to ensure compliance with the rules and requirements of the organizers. Prohibited items will be removed at the discretion of security staff.
  • Each competitor will be provided with a water bottle and will be permitted to re-fill the bottle with fluids (namely, water, juice, and soft drinks) at various points throughout the program.
  • During the Element Games competition, competitors will be permitted to carry their own drinks with them. Approved items in this regard include bottled water, sports drinks, energy drinks, juice, pop, coffee, and tea.
  • Each Squad will be provided with food during the Element Games.
  • Participants may have the opportunity to win additional food at certain challenges.
  • Participants will be welcome to carry additional nut-free snacks with them during the competition.
First Aid
  • There will be on-site staff trained in first aid that will be ready to act if needed. Each participant will grant permission for such staff to provide medical first aid as necessary.
  • If an injury is minor in the determination of the organizers of the Element Games (e.g. a cut that needs cleaning), the participant will be provided with care on-site, and such participant will be permitted to stay in the Element Games.
  • If an injury or situation is beyond minor in any way, as determined by and in the discretion of the organizers of the Element Games, the participant will be taken to the on-site health centre, and the participant shall have the option to be examined and/or treated by personnel at the on-site health centre. In any such case, continuation by such participant in the Element Games, and ongoing participation by such participant in the weekend's activities shall be determined in the sole discretion of the organizers of the Element Games on a case by case basis.
  • In the event that the organizers of the Element Games shall determine, in their discretion, that the participant is best served by leaving the site for medical care, for any reason whatsoever, the Element Games' organizers will provide the participant with transportation to a local hospital, located approximately 8 minutes from the site of the Element Games. In such a case, a participant may be removed from the Element Games, and will not be permitted to return to the site for ongoing participation in the balance of the weekend's activities without the permission of the organizers of the Element Games and without written permission from authorized hospital personnel permitting the return of the participant.
  • In any medical situation, physical, mental, or of any nature whatsoever, and notwithstanding the foregoing, the Element Games organizers will have full discretion and final say as to whether a competitor is permitted to stay in the Element Games and/or to stay on site.
  • Within Your Squad & Group:
    • During the Element Games, participants will be able to chat with people within their Squad and within their Group.
  • With Those From Other Groups:
    • Groups will cross paths with each other frequently on-site. Members of one Group will be allowed to speak to those from other Groups should they choose to do so.
  • With Those Who Have Been Voted Out:
    • Remaining players in the Element Games will be able to speak and communicate with those that have been voted out of the Element Games.
  • Individuals will be allowed to bring mobile and other electronic devices to use to communicate with those both on-site and off-site.
  • During challenges and votes specifically, participants will be asked to refrain from using such items so that such components of the Element Games can be coordinated as efficiently as possible.
  • Valuables such as mobile devices are discussed in greater detail under the FAQ section of the website.
  • Challenges will be coordinated by and directed in all respects by the Element Games Staff.
  • Challenges will include physical, intellectual and/or endurance components. Examples are provided in the FAQ section of the website.
  • In order to get through several challenges in a short time period, challenges will move quickly.
  • Each day, challenges early on will involve Squad vs. Squad competitions.
  • Each day, challenges later on will be individually based as there will be fewer people left in each Group.
  • Redemption challenges will provide voted-out participants with a window of opportunity to re-enter the Games.
  • Rewards will be offered as incentives for winning challenges during the Element Games.
  • Rewards may involve advantages in the Element Games, including advantages at future challenges.
  • Rewards may in certain cases involve prize items from sponsors or otherwise.
Squad Council and Voting
  • During the Element Games, Squad Council will typically take place following each challenge, as the organizers of the Element Games shall determine.
  • To be 'voted out' of the Element Games, an individual must receive the majority of the votes from the people within his/her Squad during Squad Council. A second round of voting and tie-breakers will be used if required.
  • Later in the Element Games, remaining Group members will merge together to form a single unit.
    • Voting will work in the same way at this point. If a majority of people vote for a specific individual, that individual will be out of the Element Games.
Shield (aka Immunity)
  • 'Squad Shield'
    • Squad Shield will be available at various points during the Element Games.
    • Squads will have the opportunity to win Squad Shield during challenges.
    • Having 'Squad Shield' means that the Squad in question avoids going to Squad Council and thus does not need to vote anybody out of the Element Games.
  • 'Individual Shield'
    • As numbers get lower and once Group members merge to form a single unit, participants will have the ability to earn 'Individual Shield'.
    • Competitors will not be permitted to vote for a person with 'Individual Shield'.
    • If a person feels safe, he/she will be able to transfer 'Individual Shield' to another member of his/her Squad prior to a vote.
  • The Jury will be utilized to determine the sole winner from each Group.
  • The Jury will typically consist of the 7-11 people voted out of each Group prior to the Final 3.
  • Once voted out of the Games, the members of the Jury will be able to enjoy the amenities of the site.
  • People that have been voted out of the Games will be encouraged to watch subsequent Squad Council votes of their Group, however, the Jury will not be required to attend subsequent Squad Council votes until the Final Vote.
  • Saturday:
    • Competitors will be made aware of the specific number of Jury members to be utilized prior to Saturday beginning.
  • Sunday:
    • Participants will be made aware of the number of Jury members to be utilized prior to the beginning of Sunday.
    • The Jury will consist of the 7-11 people voted out of the Final Group prior to the Final 3.
  • The Games organizers’ will be permitted to adjust the number of Jury members mid-Games in necessary cases where unforeseen circumstances present themselves.
  • The Jury will play a fundamental role in the Games, and as such, at the beginning of the Games, all participants will pledge to fulfill any Jury-related duties.
Final Vote
  • Saturday and Sunday:
    • At the Final Vote, a winner will be chosen by the Jury out of the final 3 contestants remaining in the Group.
    • Prior to the Final Vote, Jury members will have the opportunity to discuss the happenings of the Element Games with each other.
    • The Element Games staff will also provide a subjective summary of facts and matters that took place in challenges and during votes leading up to the finals.
    • Each finalist will then have the opportunity to plead his/her case for being the winner.
    • Members of the Jury will then be permitted to ask each finalist a question.
    • Following such questions, the Jury members will vote on the winner of the Group.
Group Winners
  • Saturday:
    • One winner will emerge from each Group and move on to the Sunday portion of the competition. These winners will join a small Group of people who will re-enter the Games through redemption challenges.
  • Sunday:
    • Winners and those re-entering will be placed into new Squads and Groups on Sunday.
    • Squad and Group sizes on Sunday will depend on the total number of people registered for the Element Games.
    • Similar to the process on Saturday, team and individual challenges will take place, the two forms of Shield will be up for grabs, and as Sunday progresses people will be voted out.
    • Remaining participants will ultimately merge to form a single Final Group.
    • The overall winner will be voted on from the Final Group by Jury members also from the Final Group.
  • The maximum number of people that will be permitted to compete in the Element Games is 540, which would be equal to 30 Groups of 18.
Cash and Other Prizes
  • Prize amounts will be distributed at the completion of the competition according to the following scale:
  • Number of Competitors 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
    1-299 $2,000.00 $700.00 $200.00
    300-399 $3,000.00 $1,050.00 $300.00
    400-499 $5,000.00 $1,750.00 $500.00
    500-540 $10,000.00 $3,500.00 $1,000.00
  • Final Group Jury members will each receive a prize as well although not necessarily monetary.
  • Each original Group winner will receive a prize although not necessarily monetary.
  • Prizes will be drawn and/or awarded at the closing ceremonies to incentivize all attendees to stay for the duration of the weekend.
  • Other prizes will be available at various times throughout the weekend.