The Element Games | Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Competition| FAQ

The Element Games - FAQ

Squads and Groups

- Where will I sleep while on-site?
  • All participants will have the option of where to sleep, subject naturally to capacity at the time of a participant's registration:
    • Group-Style Wooden Cabins
      • Will be made available to all participants by the organizers.
      • Most group-style cabins consist of bunk beds and have the capacity to sleep up to 18 people.
      • Cabins are hooked up with electricity.
      • Certain cabins have washrooms located within them - others have washroom facilities located close by.
      • Competitors choosing to stay in a cabin will be placed into a cabin with other members of their Squad and, in most cases, their full Group. Participants will have the option to live with fans as well if such requests are made.
      • In certain cases, cabins may have mixed genders.
      • Competitors will have the opportunity to specify any requests regarding accommodations during the registration process. We will look to accommodate participants to the best of our abilities in all regards.
    • Tent or Tarp
      • Participants will have the option to bring materials to construct their own shelter.
      • Those sleeping outside will be situated near the cabin of any Group members that have chosen to live in a cabin. This will make it easy for Group members to spend time together and get to know each other up until the point of falling asleep.
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- How will I keep busy if voted out?
  • If out of the Element Games, one of the most entertaining things to do will be to follow around the various Groups/Squads of people that are still involved in the Element Games.
  • Certain challenges will enable people a chance to re-enter the Games while various non-competition challenges will take place for prizes and simply for fun as well
  • In addition, several fantastic activities and facilities will be available for use of our participants at different times throughout the weekend:
    • Land - 2 Baseball Diamonds, 1 Basketball Court, 1 Ball Hockey Court, 3 Volleyball Courts, 1 Golf Driving Range, 9 Mini-Tennis Courts, 40' Rock Climbing Wall, High/Low Ropes Courses, Archery/Crossbow Range, Soccer Field, Football Field, Mountain Biking, Trampoline, Tetherball, Ping Pong, Foosball.
    • Water - Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, Swimming, Water Trampolining, Pontoon Boating, Paddle Boating, Boogie Boarding, Fishing (bring your own road and related items).
    • Premium – Due to capacity restrictions, the following will be available on-site for an additional charge. Payment will be made on-site. Items in this category will include Tubing ($15), Waterskiing ($25), Wakeboarding ($25).
  • All activities will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Bathrooms / Showers
- Where will I go to the washroom and shower?
  • There are several washroom facilities, segregated by gender, located throughout the site that competitors and fans will be able to use. Washrooms contain private stalls and sinks. Certain cabins have washrooms in them while others have them within close proximity.
  • Hot water shower house facilities, segregated by gender, are also located throughout the site and feature private stalls and change areas.
Challenges - As a competitor, what types of challenges will I be asked to take part in?
  • Challenges will include physical, intellectual and/or endurance components.
  • Challenges may include activities such as:
    • Moving across a rope from one spot to another without touching the ground.
    • Locating various items from in the water and bringing them back to shore.
    • Solving a puzzle based on materials or clues provided.
    • Moving each Squad member over an obstacle wall.
  • In order to get through several challenges in a short time period, challenges will move quickly.
  • Each day, challenges early on will involve Squad vs. Squad competitions.
  • Each day, challenges later on will be individually based as there will be fewer people left in each Group.
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Fans - What if I want to attend without competing?
  • Fans are welcome to attend the Element Games and join in for the fun! Other than entrance into the Element Games competition, fans will receive most other components of a participant package including food, accommodations, use of facilities/activities and access to all entertainment.
  • Like competitors, all fans attending must be aged 19+.
  • Fans will be able to request to share accommodations with participants. Such requests will be granted where possible, subject to availability.
  • Group rates will only apply to those actually competing in the Element Games.
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Food - What will I eat?
  • Competitors and fans will be provided with food throughout the day.
  • A qualified food services provider will prepare all meals and snacks
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served on-site, during designated times, in addition to afternoon and evening snacks.
  • Vegetarian and gluten-free options will generally be available, where advance notice is given with registration.
  • Participants will be permitted to bring their own food/snacks on-site as long as it is sealed and provided that such items are nut-free.
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Health - What if I get hurt or sick at some point during the weekend?
  • There will be on-site staff trained in first aid that will be ready to act if needed. Each participant will grant permission for such staff to provide medical first aid as necessary.
  • If an injury to a competitor or fan is minor in the determination of the organizers of the Element Games (e.g. a cut that needs cleaning), the person will be provided with care on-site. In the case of a competitor, the individual will be permitted to stay in the competition.
  • If an injury or situation is beyond minor in any way, the participant will be taken to the on-site health centre. In the case of either a competitor or a fan, ongoing participation by such individual in the weekend's activities shall be determined in the sole discretion of the organizers of the Element Games.
  • In the event that the organizers of the Element Games shall determine in their discretion that a participant is best served by leaving the site for medical care, for any reason whatsoever, the Element Games' organizers will provide the participant with transportation to a local hospital, located approximately 8 minutes from the site of the Element Games. In the case of either a competitor or a fan, such individual will only be permitted to return to the site for ongoing participation in the balance of the weekend's activities with the permission of the organizers of the Element Games and with written permission from authorized hospital personnel permitting the return of the participant.
  • In general, there will be first aid kits located on the site. The on-site health centre will also be open at various points throughout the weekend should a participant need to speak to a professional.
  • Competitors and fans should bring along all medications as required.
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Hydration - How will I stay hydrated?
  • During the Competition:
    • Each competitor will be provided with a water bottle and will be permitted to re-fill the bottle with approved fluids (namely, water, juice, and soft drinks) at various points throughout the program.
    • Competitors will be permitted to carry their own drinks with them. Approved items in this regard include bottled water, sports drinks, energy drinks, juice, pop, coffee, and tea.
  • Out of the Competition:
    • All participants will be provided with access to pop (e.g. cola, diet cola, and other carbonated beverages), juice, and water.
    • All participants will be permitted to bring drinks onto the site including bottled water, sports drinks, energy drinks, juice, pop, coffee, and tea.
    • All participants will be provided with a ticket for 1 beer.
    • Further alcohol will be available for purchase on-site.
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Jury - Once I get voted out of the Element Games competition will I have to attend every subsequent Squad Council or will I be able to just hang out?
  • The competitors voted out early from each Group will never need to attend a subsequent Squad Council.
  • The 7-11 people voted out of each group prior to the Final 3 will comprise the jury.
  • Jury members will be encouraged to follow around their former group and attend subsequent Squad Council gatherings to ‘keep tabs’ on their Group. However, ultimately Jury members will be able to enjoy all the amenities of the site and will not have to attend Squad Council until the Final Vote to determine the winner from their Group.
  • The Jury will play a fundamental role in the Element Games, and as such, at the beginning of the Element Games, each participant will pledge to fulfill his/her role as a Jury member if applicable.
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Packing - What will I need to pack with me?
  • A packing list will be sent out prior to the event with suggested items for each participant to bring.
  • Participants will be encouraged to bring items including bedding (sleeping bag or a sheet-comforter combo for a single bed), a pillow, clothing, hygiene products, a towel, hat, sunscreen, and shelter materials (e.g. a tent) if applicable.
  • Any items that are required for medical reasons should be brought (e.g. medications, prescription eyeglasses, Epipen, insulin injector,).
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Safety - What will the organizers be doing to ensure my safety?
  • Matters pertaining to first aid are covered in the 'Health' section above.
  • Challenges and related equipment will be tested prior to use during the Element Games competition.
  • All staff of the Element Games will be trained to respond to the needs of participants in helping to ensure their overall enjoyment of the weekend.
  • Specific on-site security staff will be in place to help ensure and protect the well-being of all those on-site.
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Squads and Groups - How will they be organized?
  • Individuals will be placed into a Squad with other individuals to make a full Squad of 6
  • Pairs will be placed into a Squad with other pairs to make a full Squad of 6.
  • A pre-registering Squad of 6 will comprise its own full Squad of 6.
  • Each Squad will be placed into a Group with two other Squads of the same style. For example, a Squad of individuals will be matched up against other Squads of individuals, a Squad of pairs against other Squads of pairs, and a pre-registering full Squad against another pre-registering full Squad.
  • A pre-registered full Squad of 6 will have the opportunity to request to be matched up against two other full Squads of 6, should the Squad in question happen to know of two other Squads of 6 that are registered/registering. Moreover, if the members of all 3 Squads are choosing to live in a cabin, the full Group can request that all three Squads live in the same cabin. Such requests must be stated by at least one member from each Squad during the registration process. If not, any request must be sent by email as soon as possible following registration to ensure that the request can be granted.
Timing - When and how will the Element Games begin and end?
  • Opening:
    • Check-in for competitors and full weekend fans will be between 3:30 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. on Friday, September 4th, 2015
    • Specific details on check-in will be sent closer to the date of the event.
    • Following check-in, there will be a spectacular opening ceremony.
  • Closing:
    • The closing of the competition will wrap up around 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 6th, 2015. It will include the final Jury questioning and voting, a video show of the Element Games, the announcement of the winner and an entertaining conversation between the host and members of the Final Group.
    • Sunday night will include entertainment and a night snack.
    • A brunch will be served on Monday, certain activities will be open, and check-out will be by 12 P.M.
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Transportation - How will I get to the site where the Element Games take place?
  • Element Games competitors and fans will have the opportunity to drive or make use of optional round-trip bus transportation departing from and returning to Toronto.
  • Driving - Drivers will have the opportunity to park within close proximity to where the Element Games will actually be taking place and will receive complimentary shuttle transportation to and from their car at set times.
  • Bussing - For an additional cost of only $50 per person, individuals will have the opportunity to enjoy air conditioned coach bus transportation departing from and returning to a venue close to Highway 400 and Highway 7 in the north end of the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Information regarding the Toronto bus depot venue, as well as the pick-up time on the afternoon of Friday September 4th, 2015 and the drop-off time on Monday, September 7th, 2015 will be provided closer to the event date.
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Valuables - What will I do with my valuables while in the Element Games?
  • Participants are encouraged to not bring any more valuables than absolutely necessary. The Element Games takes no responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen items.
  • Participants may bring a small lock box to store important items, it being understood that participants bear sole responsibility for the safety and security of such small lock box at all times.
  • Individuals will have the opportunity to keep valuables locked in their car if they bring one.
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Voting - What is the earliest someone might possibly get voted out?
  • Everyone will make it through the first night (Friday). People will not be voted out of the Element Games until the 2nd day of the program (Saturday). Moreover, people will have the opportunity to re-enter the Games through redemption challenges.
Payment - Do I have the option to pay in installments?
  • In addition to paying in full up-front, participants do have the option to pay in installments according to our payment plan:
    • Payment 1 - $120......Date of Registration
    • Payment 2 - $120......June 1st, 2015
    • Payment 3 - $120......July 1st, 2015
    • Payment 4 - $ Additional balance owed.......August 1st, 2015
  • Payments above are inclusive of HST. During registration, you will input $120 as the amount for your credit card to initially be charged. Your card will then be subsequently charged according to the payment plan above.
  • Should you register past one of the payment plan dates, you will be required for your initial payment to pay the sum of all payment plan amounts preceding your date of registration. Your card will then be subsequently charged according to the payment plan above.
  • Another opportunity regarding payment involves our partner charity: The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). You can pay a reduced event fee by fundraising for or making a donation to CCS. More details are outlined in the Rates section of our website.
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