The Element Games - About

The Element Games is an innovative and unparalleled experience featuring a Survivor-style competition, cash prizes, adult camp type activities, band/DJ entertainment and more! In 2015, the event will take place from Friday, September 4th to Monday, September 7th at the Tamarack Adventure Centre. The site is a 1,000-acre property, situated around a private lake, located in Bracebridge, Ontario, just 2 hours north of Toronto. Participants have the option of staying in a group-style wooden cabin provided by the site or bringing their own tent/tarp. All food is included!

During the event, which is open to those aged 19+, participants can sign up as competitors or fans. Competitors will battle each other in various unique and exciting challenges. They can register as individuals, pairs, or as a full 'Squad' of 6 (aka a full tribe). The Element Games organizers will place individuals into a Squad of 6 with other individuals, and pairs into a Squad of 6 with other pairs. Fans are encouraged to join in for the fun without competing and will get to enjoy lots of great food, activities, and entertainment while on-site.

Whether you'd like to participate as a competitor or as a fan, there are limited spots available so make sure to act fast! This is an exclusive chance at an experience you will never forget.
Day 1 - Friday
Check-in for The Element Games will be between 3:30 – 8:00 p.m. on Friday, September 4th. In the afternoon, several on-site activities will be open including canoeing, kayaking, archery, rock climbing, ropes courses, tennis, basketball and more! Our outdoor patio is where our famous buffet dinner will be served throughout the evening hours and where you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy incredible live music. As evening turns to night, you’ll be introduced to the people in your group and have an opportunity to get to know them. You’ll later be led down to our spectacular opening ceremonies featuring fireworks, an oath, music, and more. Cap off the night with some sports under the lights or chills around one our camp fire pits. Remember, the strategizing begins on night number 1!
Day 2 - Saturday
After our big Saturday morning breakfast, the competition will officially begin. Each Squad of 6 will be matched up against two other Squads of the ‘same style’ to create an 18-person Group. This means that a Squad of individuals will be up against other Squads of individuals, a Squad of pairs will face off against Squads comprising pairs, and pre-registering full Squads of 6 versus other pre-registering full Squads of 6. Squads will compete in physical, mental, and endurance challenges against the other Squads in their Group.

Squads will attempt to win rewards and 'Squad Shield' (aka immunity), which will provide protection from being voted out of the Element Games. Following each challenge, all Squads without Shield will vote someone out at Squad Council.

As the Element Games progress, remaining participants within each Group will merge. At this point, players will strive to win 'Individual Shield' at challenges to protect themselves from getting voted out.

Once there are 3 members left from each 18-person group, the Jury, recently eliminated Group members, will vote on the winner of the Group. All Group winners will receive a prize for their accomplishment and will be part of the final Group on the next day of the Element Games. All chances are not lost for participants who have been voted out, as they will have a chance to re-enter the game by competing in ‘Redemption’ challenges as well.

On Saturday night, participants will get to unwind at a party that will blow your mind. Live music, DJ performances and more will all be a part of this epic night.
Day 3 - Sunday
Winners from Saturday, in addition to those successful in re-entering the Games through redemption challenges, will comprise the Final Group on Sunday. Each person will be placed into a new Squad and the Sunday format for challenges and voting will operate in a similar way to Saturday; Squads will compete and attempt to win Shield and other rewards. Those out of the official competition will have the opportunity to compete in various other challenges like a 5K run and other activities that will be taking place on-site including volleyball, sailing, waterskiing and more. Of course, everyone will be able to follow around and watch the Final Group!

Once there are 3 participants left in the Final Group, the Final Jury, this time comprised of those recently eliminated from the Final Group, will vote on the overall champion. The Sunday night program will include remarks by the finalists, questions from the Final Jury members, video highlights and other excitement and entertainment for everyone to watch.

The overall winner will be crowned as the Champion of the Element Games. The Champion (1st place), along with the 2nd place and 3rd place finishers will each be awarded a prize according to the following scale:

Number of Competitors 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1-299 $2,000.00 $700.00 $200.00
300+ $3,000.00 $1,050.00 $300.00
400+ $5,000.00 $1,750.00 $500.00
500+ * $10,000.00 $3,500.00 $1,000.00

* The maximum capacity is 540 competitors.

After the finale, there will be yet another opportunity for participants to party or relax by one of the site fire pits.
Day 4 - Monday
Monday will kick off with a big buffet brunch. Participants will have the chance to enjoy various on-site land and water activities before checking out. Check-out will be by noon where unfortunately you’ll have to return to real life. At least you’ll be leaving with a boatload of great memories to get you through the year!

In Closing
We encourage you to check out the Competition Rules, FAQ, and Rates sections of the website for more details on the most innovative and exciting event ever created. When you're ready to Register, grab your friends and sign up for an experience you will never forget.

When you win, you'll have enough bragging rights to last a lifetime. You'll also have 3 beautiful things that no one will be able to take away from you: